Picture of Coerver® Coaching Make Your Move DVD

Coerver® Coaching Make Your Move DVD

5 Part DVD series. This series features skills for players to practise step-by-step on their own, as well as drills and games for coaches and teachers to use in their practice sessions.

  • Disc 1 – This disc develops the Coerver® Coaching Philosophy of Moves 1 v 1.

  • Disc 2 – Chelsea great Charlie Cooke introduces the third section of the Moves family… Feints.

  • Disc 3 – Even more Feint moves are demonstrated & speed is focused on.                   

  • Disc 4 – The New Era video series was filmed in 1998. Heroes like Zidane, Lilly, Del Piero and Beckham along with a cast of wonderfully talented Coerver® young players introduce the Coerver® Coaching Pyramid Of Player development                   

  • Disc 5 – The Second disc of the New Era Series focuses on the essential skills of Speed, Finishing and Small Group Play.

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