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SIGNED! Coerver® Kid Louis signs his first professional contract!

Coerver® Midlands are delighted to announce that Performance Academy member, Louis Harris, has agreed a contract to join Walsall FC.
Louis, 10, joined our Performance Academy in November 2014 and, during his time with us, has pushed his own technical development forward at an exceptional rate.

Performance Academy Manager, Brad Smith, oversees our centres in the Birmingham area and has kept a close eye on Louis’ development pathway with Coerver® for over two years.

“Louis is a perfect example of how a combination of focus, practice and hard work can result in individual success” said Brad. “During his time at the Performance Academy, Louis consistently demonstrates the perfect attitude towards learning and this is evident in his technical development since joining the programme at 8 years old.”
“Louis applies 100% attention and effort in every Coerver® session that he attends which enables him to take away as much technical detail as possible. In addition, he consistently dedicates his own time to the Home Study programme which has developed a great connection with the ball for him – with both feet. When combined, these small details have allowed Louis to become a confident, creative young footballer who can not only play 1v1 but also recognises where and when to combine with others – it came as no surprise when we learned that Walsall FC accepted him into their Academy.”

“Everyone at Coerver® Midlands are delighted to hear this positive news and we look forward to continually aiding his growth – both on and off the pitch.”

After his initial weeks with Walsall FC, Louis remains understandably excited about this next step of his football career however, he knows that there is still work ahead.

”Coerver® has been fundamental in helping me to develop my skills, speed, strength and small-group play” said Louis. “I have been a part of Coerver® for a little over two years and in this time I have grown in both confidence and ability. I now look forward to developing even further while at the academy of Walsall FC in addition to the support I receive in the Coerver® Performance Academy.”

The Performance Academy is the UK’s Premier Grassroots Player Development programme for Boys & Girls, 7-17 years old and offers an un-rivalled level of support, both on and off the training field.

To find out more information on the Performance Academy, visit

Search @coerverMIDS & @coerverEW for Coerver® on


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Coerver® EW National Staff training – January 2017

Sunday 8th January 2017 saw Coerver® EW staff travel to the Birmingham City FC training ground for the first internal CPD event of 2017.

Coaching staff from Coerver® Midlands and Coerver® West London came together for what was the third continual professional development event delivered during the 2016-17 season.

National Staff Training is led by Coerver® EW Director, Scott Wright, and provides a regular opportunity for all staff to come together to share news and updates from around the Coerver® EW network and well as develop consistency in every area of our programme.

“It’s great to have all of our staff here at Birmingham City’s academy for our latest National Staff Training event” said Scott. “We gather all of our staff here once every six weeks with the primary aim of reviewing and evaluating the effectiveness of the previous Performance Academy module and to preview and prepare for the forthcoming one.”

“The day is split into several sections – there are two classroom-based sessions which include theory presentations as well as group activities. We then have the opportunity to watch the academy teams at Birmingham City play competitive games – today we were fortunate to observe the U12s and U14s take on Charlton Athletic. The final segment of the day sees us move into the academy dome where practical sessions from the forthcoming Performance Academy module are delivered as well as reviewed in preparation for the coming week’s sessions.”

“We are 100% committed to developing all of our staff to become the best coaches that they can be as ultimately, they are the ones delivering the sessions in our Performance Academy. We believe it is crucial to hold these events on a regular basis in order to ensure that we continually deliver the highest quality program both on and off the training pitch.”


Coerver® EW strive to have the best on and off-field team. Our people are committed to the success of the programme and providing our players and families with the best football experience within the world’s number one skills teaching program.

We are constantly looking to identify talented individuals to join us at Coerver® EW. If you feel that you have what it takes to join our team, please send your CV to: -

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Coerver® Performance Academy resumes after Christmas Break!

Following the Christmas break, the Coerver® Coaching England & Wales Performance Academy returns next week to kick-off the second half of the 2016/17 season at twelve locations across the region.
Sunday 8th January 2017 will see Coerver® EW staff from the Midlands and West London convene at Birmingham City’s Academy at Wast Hills for National Staff training with the Performance Academy resuming at all locations from the week commencing Monday 9th January 2017.

Coerver® EW Director, Scott Wright, will take the lead at Sunday’s staff training at BCFC. “We are extremely excited to be back following the Christmas Break” said Scott. “2016 was a wonderful year for the Performance Academy with numerous highlights both on and off the pitch. We take great pride in seeing Performance Academy players succeeding in football as a result of being in our programme – whether it is being accepted into professional academies or excelling within their grassroots team structure.”
“While we have taken many positives from 2016, we are committed to continually enhance and improve every facet of the Performance Academy programme to ensure that it remains the leading player development programme in England & Wales in 2017 and beyond. We will be implementing several new and innovative support tools that we have piloted to our players – most notable, the use of video and online technology.”

“2017 has the potential to top what was an incredible 2016 – we are excited for the months ahead, which includes our PRO Tour to Real Madrid CF in February so we are really looking forward to the second half of the 2016-17 season!”
The Performance Academy is the UK’s Premier Grassroots Player Development programme for Boys & Girls, 7-17 years old and offers an un-rivalled level of support, both on and off the training field.

For more information on the programme and how to book a FREE Performance Academy trial session, visit

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2016 Coerver Intro courses a huge success!

November 2016 saw Coerver® England & Wales deliver the new Coerver® Intro course at two locations in London and Manchester. On Sunday 20th November, attendees convened at the highly regarded Harefield Academy in the North West of London, with the second delivery of the course taking place on Saturday 26th November at the pioneering Manchester Metropolitan University – situated on the outskirts of Manchester’s city centre.

The Coerver® intro is a one-day course which aims to provide attendees with a theory and practical based overview of the evolution of the Coerver® method since it was founded in 1984.
80 coaches of varied coaching backgrounds were in attendance at the courses and were expertly guided through two classroom based Coerver® theory sessions as well as three on-field practical sessions by Scott Wright, Director of Coerver® England & Wales.

Scott said of the course “We have spent a significant amount of time developing our Coach Education Pathway as we feel that Coerver® can have a significant impact on coach and player development in England & Wales” said Scott. “The last two weekends have been a huge success for the Intro course, we have refined the content for 2016 and we are extremely pleased with the feedback we have received from this up-dated version”.

“That said, we will strive to continually evolve and enhance the content of all of the courses that make up our Coach Education Pathway in order to provide coaches with as many tools as possible to aid them on their path to developing the next generation of young players”.

Ali Ghezelbash, a professional coach from Sweden, said of the Coerver® Intro course “During my time coaching in the Netherlands, I had a number of Dutch coaches as friends who are great believers in the Coerver® Method of coaching. I wanted to attend today in order to learn more about what is Coerver® Coaching – I am so glad that I did.”

“I have come away from this course having learnt the importance of ball mastery in football. For any of the technical skills in the game – passing, dribbling, shooting, if you have not developed a deep connection with the ball, you will not be able to execute any skill. For me, ball mastery is like the alphabet – if you do not know the alphabet, you cannot read. Ball mastery is football’s alphabet.”

Dean Roome is a coach with Littleover Dazzlers – a Coerver® Partner club based in Derby. “I am a keen dad who has only recently got into coaching after playing the game” said Dean. “So far, my coaching experience has seen me deliver Coerver® Coaching sessions that have been provided to us as a part of the Coerver® Partner Club relationship. In a short space of time I have seen my Under 7 team become much more comfortable with a ball at their feet rather than simply kicking the ball away when it comes to them.”

“I wanted to come to the Coerver® Intro course in order to get some basic learning as well as to see how the experts would deliver the sessions that I receive on a weekly basis in order to gain tips on how to deliver to my players. This course has been full of some much useful information – from how to get multiple variations from the same exercise without changing anything in the setup to using visual aids to help the players to understand quickly and easily.”

“This is a great course that I would recommend to anyone and I look forward to completing the Youth Diploma 1 & 2 courses in 2017.”

To view images from the Coerver® Intro course held in London, visit

To view images from the Coerver® Intro course held in Manchester, visit

The Coerver® Coach Education Pathway courses will return in 2017 commencing with the Youth Diploma 1 courses in June (London) & July (Manchester). For further information on the Coerver® Youth Diploma 1 course, visit


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Coerver Coaching Youth Diploma 1 2017 Courses Announced!

Coerver® Coaching England & Wales are pleased to announce details for the Coerver® Coaching Youth Diploma 1 courses due to take place in England during Summer 2017.

The Coerver® Coach Education Pathway was launched in September 2015 and provides coaches with the opportunity to attend 5-days of official Coerver® coach education.

The pathway consists of three courses which are made up of the Coerver® Intro (1-day), Coerver® Youth Diploma 1 (2-day) & Coerver® Youth Diploma 2 (2-day) respectively.

The pathway has been designed to give attendees a greater understanding of the history and evolution of the Coerver® programme, both on and off the pitch over the last 32 years since being founded by Alf Galustian and Charlie Cooke in 1984.

The Youth Diploma 1 course is delivered by Coerver® England & Wales Director, Scott Wright, who is able to draw from experience in delivering Coerver® Coach Education courses across the globe over the last decade.

Coerver® England & Wales Director, Scott Wright said “Since our first Youth Diploma course in 2011, our coach education pathway has continued to evolve. Following successful Youth Diploma 1 courses during the summer of 2016, interest in our 2017 courses continues to rise”.

“We are really excited to announce these dates and we look forward to travelling across the country during the summer months in 2017”.

“We will no doubt have coaches attend from across the world as we have had in abundance over the last 6 years and I’m sure these will be our best courses to date”.


Youth Diploma 1 – 2017 Course Information

Dates: Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th June 2017
Time: 09:30 a.m. – 16:45 p.m.
Venue: The Harefield Academy, Northwood Way, Harefield, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB9 6ET

Dates: Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th July 2017
Time: 09:30 a.m. – 16:45 p.m.
Venue: MMU Platt Lane Sports Complex, Yew Tree Road, Fallowfield, Manchester, M14 7UU

YD1 Instructor: Scott Wright, Coerver® England & Wales Director

BUY5 Offer: 

Our 2017 Youth Diploma 1 courses special offer is called BUY5.
If you buy 5 places for any YD1 course, we provide you with the 6th place free.

To take advantage of this offer, email
and we will send you our BUY5 booking information.

To book your Youth Diploma 1 place, log-on to:

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Coerver EW 2016 Intro Course Dates Announced

Coerver® Coaching England & Wales are pleased to announce two dates for the brand new 1-day Intro Course which will be delivered in association with global partner adidas® and presenting partner FourFourTwo magazine during November 2016.

The courses, which form the foundation of the new Coerver® coach education pathway (which also includes the Youth Diploma 1 & 2 courses), will take place in London on Sunday 20th November and in Manchester on Saturday 26th November. Both courses will be delivered by Coerver® EW Director, Scott Wright.
Scott said of the courses “We are really pleased to be launching the first of our Coerver coach education pathway courses for the 2016/17 season. Our brand new 1-day Coerver Intro course has been two years in the making and will be supplemented with new resources including a re-designed handbook and on-line content that we have created to maximise attendee learning”.
“The theory element of the course will focus on providing attendees with an overview of the evolution of the Coerver method which has been a constant process in line with the demands of the game since being founded in 1984”.

“Our practical focus is based on our two core topics which are Ball Mastery & 1 v 1 skills teaching which are both absolutely crucial areas of the modern game and as an organisation we have over 32 years of knowledge and experience which we feel are vital to share with every coach of young players, no matter the level”.

“Certainly from a personal point of view, these topics have had no real focus in any licensed coach education course that I have attended or I am aware of and in my opinion there is a real need for knowledge in these topics if we are to develop game effective players for now and in the future”.

“With this being our latest content, our Intro course is equally suitable as a first experience of a Coerver coach education course or if you have already attended our Youth Diploma courses, this will compliment and add to your existing knowledge base, so will be equally beneficial for all who attend”.

“Following on from these courses, we will be releasing our Youth Diploma 1 & 2 dates in early November along with additional dates for our Intro course where we will be visiting some locations that we haven’t been too previously. On the coach education front it’s going to be a busy season ahead for us but one that we are really looking forward to”.
Coerver® Intro – 2016 Course Dates

Dates: Sunday 20th November 2016
Time: 09:30 a.m. – 17:30 p.m.
Venue: The Harefield Academy, Northwood Way, Harefield, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB9 6ET

Dates: Saturday 26th November 2016
Time: 09:30 a.m. – 17:30 p.m.
Venue: MMU Platt Lane Sports Complex, Yew Tree Road, Fallowfield, Manchester, M14 7UU

For full details and to book your place, log-on to our website:

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Coerver Coaching EW Launch 2016/17 Partner Club Programme

During the last three weeks, Coerver® Coaching England & Wales staff have travelled up and down the country to deliver the first Module of coach education for the 2016/17 Partner Club programme.

The Coerver® Partner Club programme provides specialist support for football clubs at all levels of the game and covers four key areas which include’s Coach Education, Session Planning, Technical Coaching and Online Learning.

The programme launched during the 2011-12 season with Premier League™ club Stoke City FC who have been a Coerver® Partner Club for the last five seasons. Scottish giants Glasgow Rangers FC & Portuguese super club, SL Benfica have also joined the programme.

Following a three-year pilot with Alvis JFC in Coventry which aimed to adapt the Coerver® Partner Club programme for the grassroots market, five clubs have been granted Partner Club status for the 2016-17 & 2017-18 seasons in England & Wales.

This includes Alvis JFC in the West Midlands, Spartak Saffron Waldon Youth & PSG FC in Essex, Robin Hood Athletic JFC in West Yorkshire, Rugby Town JFC in Warwickshire and Littleover Dazzlers JFC in Derbyshire.

Also joining the programme this season are Welsh Premier League club gap Connah’s Quay Nomads FC who had a tremendous run in this season’s Europa League, progressing to the second qualifying round of the tournament where they were narrowly beaten by current Serbian league leaders, FK Vojvodina.

Coerver® England and Wales Director, Scott Wright, said “It was great to launch our 2016-17 Partner Club programme which we believe can have a huge impact on how the game is both taught and played in England & Wales. There are two versions of support that we provide, one for the professional environment and one for the grassroots environment which both have very specific needs”.

“With the first programme at Stoke City FC working so well, we thought that with some modifications we could have a similar impact with grassroots clubs which is why we instigated a three-year pilot programme with Alvis JFC in Coventry.”

“During the pilot programme, the support package was modified considerably through constant review and feedback between the club and ourselves and we now have a package that is specifically tailored to the needs and demands of the grassroots environment.”

“Over the coming years, we are aiming to create a Partner Club network that will bring like-minded clubs together, all teaching the game in the same way with a joined up approach.”

“The future looks very bright for those clubs that we have granted Coerver Partner club status to and we look forward to seeing our network grow across England and Wales as we progress.”

To view facebook albums from the 2016/17 Coerver® Partner Club launch: – Gap Connah’s Quay Nomads FC (North Wales)  – Spartak Saffron Walden FC (Essex)  – Robin Hood Athletic FC (South Yorkshire) Littleover Dazzlers FC (Derbyshire) Rugby Town JFC (Warwickshire) JFC (West Midlands)

To view the Stoke City FC, Coerver® Partner Club video, click here:

For further information regarding the Coerver® Partner Club programme,

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2015-16 Coerver Coaching ‘Play Like the Stars’ Roadshows conclude in Yorkshire

Thursday 1st September 2016 saw Coerver® England & Wales deliver the final ‘Play Like the Stars’ Roadshow of the 2015-16 season to the junior players of Richmond Town FC. Coerver® EW staff Nikki Webb, Luke Cheyne and Jaime Eagles all made the journey to the north of England in order to work with the Yorkshire based club and provide their players with an insight to the world’s number 1 soccer skills teaching method.
‘Play Like the Stars’ Roadshows provide a full day of technical skills training using the greatest players in the world as the teaching model. Players at Richmond Town FC received a classroom based theory session using leading video analysis tools and an on-field practical session delivered using the latest Coerver® Coaching teaching methods and football training equipment.

Head of Sports Science, Luke Cheyne, worked with players in the under 11 bracket during the morning session. Under 16 players participated in his afternoon session.
“As ever, we are excited to introduce the Coerver® Method to a club and players that we have not directly interacted with before” said Luke. “We have connected with almost 100 young players through the course of today and given them a taste of what Coerver® Coaching is all about.”
“We have hopefully provided a different perspective on individual play – we are hopeful that the technical detail we have provided today has resonated with the players and will help to aid their long term development.”
Nikki Webb is the Operations Manager for Coerver® EW – during the roadshow, Nikki worked with players at the under 9 tier in addition to under 13.

“Today has been a very enjoyable day – everything here at Richmond Town FC has been first class, from interacting with club officials to the facilities we have been provided. However, most notable has been the caliber of the players at this club – every player I have worked with has been engaged, respectful and possess the right mentality to go away and work hard to practice and improve in each area of skill development that we have explored today. For me, these personality traits, coupled with detailed technical training, will see these young players develop and mature into exciting football players. I am hugely excited about the prospect of working with Richmond Town FC again over the coming months and years.”

As part of the ‘Play Like the Stars’ Roadshow package, Coerver® England & Wales Director Scott Wright will travel up to Richmond in early October 2016 to deliver a coach and parent education clinic.

For more information upon how to bring the Coerver® Coaching ‘Play Like the Stars’ Roadshow to your club in the 2016-17 season, please visit

or email


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Coerver Kid goes full time in Championship side’s Academy

Coerver® Coaching West Midlands are proud to announce that Performance Academy member, Vinnie Dwyer, has been invited into Wolverhampton Wanderers FC’s Academy on a full time basis.

Commencing in the 2016-17 season, Vinnie will play for Wolves’ Under 14 team and reside at the Wolves Academy & Arena. As part of the move, Vinne will attend the Royal School of Wolverhampton in order to continue his scholastic pursuits.
In addition, Vinnie will also be a part of the Wales national team set up at Under 15.

Coerver® Head of Sports Science, Luke Cheyne, has worked closely with Vinnie over the last three years in the Coerver® Coaching West Midlands Performance Academy.
“It comes as no surprise that Wolves have made the decision to make Vinnie a full-time academy player” said Luke. “Over the last three years Vinnie has shown not only a vast improvement in his technical and tactical base, he has shown the hunger to play at the highest level possible and has driven his own development pathway in the attempt to reach his goal.”
“Vinnie has developed into the model Coerver® player – he is technically balanced and has the ability to play in a range of positions. We wish Vinnie the very best of luck in the next stage of his football career.

Of his time in the Coerver® Performance Academy, Vinnie said “Coerver® has played a huge part in moulding me into where I am today as a footballer. I have always enjoyed the training and feel that I take away something new from every session that helps to improve my game.”
“Coerver® has not only helped to develop me technically but I have always played with players that are older and bigger than I am – this has helped me to deal with physicality in the game as well as helping me to mature as well.”
“The staff at Coerver® have always been supportive of me – both and off the pitch. Without Coerver®, I do not think I’d be where I am today.”

The Performance Academy is a Technical development programme for youth soccer players. Coerver® Coaching Performance Academies operate at multiple locations across the Midlands with the aim of maximizing each player’s development.

Visit for information on our West Midlands Performance Academy programme.
Visit for information on our East Midlands Performance Academy programme.


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Coerver Coach Education for Chinese coaches at Premier League Club

Monday 22nd August 2016 saw Coerver® Coaching England and Wales staff invited by Premier League Club, Stoke City FC, to deliver a day of coach education for 60 international coaches, all with a varied level of football experience from China.

A new initiative, devised by the Chinese government, has given 180 of their coaches the opportunity to spend three months at universities across the UK in order to gain more knowledge of football coaching in England.

Loughborough University, Bournemouth University & Staffordshire University, who have collaborated with Stoke City FC, have hosted the coaches during their time in England which will come to an end in mid-September 2016.

Attendees were guided through a classroom-based theory session and two practical sessions in the academy dome by Coerver® England and Wales Director, Scott Wright. The sessions provided the group with an overview of the evolution of the Coerver® Coaching programme over the last 32 years, both on and off the pitch.

“We are excited to have an opportunity to share knowledge and skills with a group of coaches from the other side of the globe that, under normal circumstances, we may never have interacted with,” said Scott. “Today we have given a group of Chinese coaches from all levels of the game an insight into what Coerver® Coaching is and hopefully a new perspective on how to develop the next generation of young players in their country.”

“The Chinese Super league is getting a lot of attention in the media and it is certainly one of the emerging leagues in world football with a lot of resources being put in to accelerate its growth and development and I’m sure the coaches in attendance will go back and contribute to this process”.

“Delivering coach education is something that we have worked on very closely with Stoke City FC who have been a Coerver® Partner club for the last 5 years. This is a fantastic new initiative and we are extremely honored to have been invited to deliver today by the club”.

To find out more information on the Coerver® Coach Education courses, visit

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