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Coerver Coaching UK Youth Diploma Review – Summer 2011

The first ever Coerver® Coaching UK Youth Diploma road show has finally come to an end and has provided over 400 coaches from across the world with the opportunity to increase their knowledge and understanding of the Coerver® Coaching programme.

This was the first time in Coerver® Coaching’s 27 year history that an authorised Coach Education course has been made available to external coaches.

The Youth Diploma road show started in Stirling & Birmingham in May, stopping at Bristol in June, London in July with Manchester & finally Dublin hosting events in August.

The purpose of the Coerver® Coaching Youth Diploma is to give attendees from all levels of the game a greater understanding of how to plan & deliver more effective coaching sessions. The focus of the course is the Coerver® Coaching Session Planner which provides a quick & easy solution for coaches who would like to construct weekly, monthly or even season long programmes using proven, high quality drills & games developed over 27 years by Coerver® Coaching.

Alf Galustian, Co-founder of Coerver® Coaching said of the course “We’ve never had an authorized Coerver® pathway for Coaches, and we’ve been around 27 years, and we’re in 23 countries. Our new Diploma course is designed for Coaches who work with young players from 8-15 years old. We designed the diploma asking the question, how can we help coaches construct sessions for the week or the whole season?. The new Coerver® DVD’s and books Charlie Cooke and myself have devised, which is called the Coerver® Coaching Session Planner; is a formula that any coach can use to construct their season’s sessions, we have built the diploma course around this new material”.

To find more out about the new Coerver® Coaching Session Planner DVD, click the below link:

Please read below for a full review of the 2011 Coerver® Coaching Youth Diploma road show:

Scotland – Stirling (May 2011)

First Stop was Scotland in May, the first ever Scottish Coerver® Coaching Youth Diploma was held at Sterling Albion F.C. with presenter and Coerver® Coaching co-founder Charlie Cooke, guest John Collins and Coerver® Coaching Scotland Director Gordon Craig (See below image).

Over 50 coaches from across Scotland attended the course including former Rangers FC player Allan Johnstone. The Scottish Diploma was delivered in partnership with the Professional Footballers Association, with representation from players and coaches from Rangers FC, Hearts FC, Sunderland FC, Queen of the South FC, Falkirk FC, Livingston FC, Partick Thistle FC and the Scottish Football Association.

England – Birmingham (May 2011)

Next stop was Birmingham; also in May hosted by Birmingham City F.C. which was attended by over 80 coaches from all levels of the game, including The Premier League™, Real Madrid CF, Derby County FC, Birmingham City FC & Wolverhampton Wanderers FC.

There was also an international flavour to the course in Birmingham with coaches travelling from countries such as Spain, Poland & Colombia.

During the 2-day course, Alf Galustian delivered a series of theory presentations and practical sessions. Attending coaches were also able to see Birmingham City FC under 12’s being put through their paces by Brad Douglass, Coerver® Nordic director.

Coerver® Coaching have been working closely with Birmingham City FC academy throughout the season and this showed in the practical demonstration with the under 12’s performing excellently in front of the attending coaches.

First Team Coach of Real Madrid CF, Jose Morais (in the below picture with Coerver® Coaching Co-Founder Alf Galustian & Director Scott Wright ), travelled specifically for the course saying, “These last two days certainly made me a better coach. I have been a fan of Coerver for many years”.

Also in attendance was Birmingham City FC Reserve Team Manager Richard Beale who said ,
“I thoroughly enjoyed the Coerver Coaching Youth Diploma course, and would recommend that all coaches working with young players should attend”.

Carl Lander, assistant Head Teacher at St Aubyns school in Essex said of the course in Birmingham
“The foundations of great teaching have always been championed by Coerver who have taken football and created a system by which any child, through hard work and good teaching can master the basic ball skills, that then lead onto their application in skilful play.

We are passionate about our football and the belief that we must develop our players to be the best they can be. The Coerver® Coaching Youth Diploma Course has just made this whole job so much easier.”

Mark Williams, a local grassroots coach said of the course in Birmingham, “I thought it was excellent, Coerver is the building block on which all football should be taught. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it has really encouraged me to want to become a better coach.

To read about Alf Galustian’s visit to Real Madrid and interview with Coerver® Coaching Youth Diploma attendee and Real Madrid CF first team coach, Jose Morais, click the below link:

England – Bristol (June 2011)

In June the Coerver® Coaching Youth Diploma landed in the west of England with Bristol Academy of Sport hosting the event that attracted over 50 coaches from grassroots level through to coaches from Southampton FC, Portsmouth FC and Bristol City FC.

The international flavour continued in Bristol with coaches also attending from Holland, Poland and Greece. Also in attendance was Southampton FC & Republic of Ireland International Striker David Connolly (Pictured below with Alf Galustian) who said of the course “I enjoyed the Coerver® Coaching Youth Diploma course immensely and I felt that it was worth the very long trip to get to the venue!!. I feel the course did show me some variations on familiar themes and I enjoyed how both Alf and Scott presented the course”.

During the 2-day course, Alf Galutstian provided attendees with expert advice and Coerver® Coaching England & Wales director Scott Wright delivered practical sessions with a group of Under 12 players from the Coerver® Coaching Somerset Performance Academy. This provided a great insight into the grassroots player development programme that is delivered across the UK by Coerver® Coaching.

Steve Butcher who attended on behalf of Dorset County F.A. said of the course in Bristol, “I would just like to say that the weekend at Bristol was excellent, I believe this is how young players should be developed. The resource material is excellent and I will be using it a lot, keep up the good work”.

Paul Hughes, a grassroots coach from Hereford, also said of the course “I would just like to say how superb I thought the Youth Diploma Course was in Bristol. The course was everything I hoped it to be and more!. Especially seeing the Coerver method first hand, the Session Planner Matrix, the drills/ activities and gaining all the little tips.

I am a skills and technique Coach at Hereford Futsal Club for the Juniors there. I am a massive fan of the Coerver method and i have used Coerver drills/ activities in many sessions before, however the course has really benefited me in seeing how the drills/ activities all link together, how to establish a set structure for each session covering the different specified areas and how long should be spent on each area during a session to create a flowing session that covers a lot.

I have used the Coerver Session Planner Matrix for recent sessions and have seen how effective it is in producing excellent sessions for the players!. I will continue to use it for each session and develop a Technical Program for the Futsal Club. The Coerver method is going to be a massive help and resource for this”.

For more information on the Coerver® Coaching Performance Academy, click the below link:

England – London (July 2011)

The Diploma Course came to London and was hosted by Fulham F.C in July. Over 100 coaches were in attendance from across the UK and from as far afield as Italy, Holland and Poland .

Following some challenging weather on the first day the course was a great success and attended by many people from within the game including Newcastle United Academy manager, Joe Joyce, former Fulham player Rufus Brevett , Times journalist Duncan Castle and staff from both Fulham FC and The F.A. Tesco Skills programme.

Alf Galustian again provided expert tips (See above image) for the attending coaches and Scott Wright delivered a practical session to finish the course off with Fulham U12’s (See below image).

Martin Jones, England U18 School Boys Assistant Coach said of the course “Thank you for an excellent weekend and some inspiring demonstrations, the DVD’s are excellent!”.

Dr Peter Bain, local grassroots coach and neuroscientist at Imperial College London said of the course, “First, I want to thank you for the really inspiring course that Alf and Scott gave us at Fulham’s academy. I coached my U14 squad and used your session planner matrix and some of the material from the course book and CD. The lads really enjoyed it, in fact so much that we had to put on an extra coaching session yesterday afternoon, for fun!. What I like about the Coever approach is that it puts the player (and thus the heart) back into the centre of football coaching and it works!”.

The London Youth Diploma course was covered by David Clarke, Head Coach of and writer for the Soccer blog. To read David’s review of the course, click this link

England – Manchester (August 2011)

The final English leg of the Youth Diploma course was held at Leigh Sports Village in Manchester in August and was attended by over 50 coaches, again in attendance from numerous parts of the UK , Europe and the Middle East.

All levels of the game were represented from volunteers to coaches working at clubs such as Bolton Wanderers, Sheffield Wednesday and Hartlepool FC.

Alf Galustian was on hand to expertly deliver the 2-day course which culminated in a practical session by Coerver® England & Wales director Scott Wright, working with Bolton FC U12’s.

Steve Haslam, First Team player for Hartlepool United and Sheffield Wednesday Academy U8 coach said of the course in Manchester “I thoroughly enjoyed the course and thought the content and Coerver philosophy was excellent, I have already started using the content with my U8 players at Sheffield Wednesday”.

Local grassroots coach Kevin Bestwick also said of the course “Firstly I would like to thank Alf and Scott on the way they both presented the youth diploma course in Manchester, their passion and knowledge was superb and i was totally engaged for the full day. Coerver coaching is something i have wanted get involed in for a few years now and I certainly will start to use the coerver coaching methods in my coaching sessions”.

Ireland – Dublin (August 2011)

The first Coerver® Coaching course of its kind in Ireland was hosted at the North Dublin Schoolboy League HQ in Coolock Dublin with over 100 coaches attending from 24 of the 32 counties in Ireland.

Coaches attending ranged from amateur to professional with both male and female coaches, including Shamrock Rovers assistant Manager Trevor Croly and former English Premier League™ player with Middlesbrough, Keith O’Halloran. Following the course, many of the coaches have invited Coerver® Coaching into their club to assist in the development of both players and coaches.

Mitch Whitty, Director of coaching of the Dublin Schoolboy League said of the course “Excellent content and very knowledgeable staff from Coerver, would highly recommend this to any coach at any level”.

Trevor Croly from Shamrock Rovers FC said ““Great weekend, learnt a lot, and will use the practices at my club.”

Former Middlesbrough, Swindon and St Johnstone player Keith O’Halloran said “Having played in the English and Scottish Premier Leagues, this type of technical coaching is so badly needed, especially in Ireland. Superb course and I would highly recommend Coerver to everyone.”

Jimmy Moulds from The Football Association of Ireland said “Content was excellent and session planning was a superb feature and would help any coach here in Ireland “.

Following the success of the Coerver® Coaching Youth Diploma course in Ireland, there has been a lot of interest in future coach education courses which will be delivered over the next 12 months in Belfast, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Dublin. Anyone who would like information please contact Coerver® Coaching Ireland Director, Austin Speight for more details

Youth Diploma Course 2011 – Summary

Scott Wright, Coerver® Coaching England & Wales director said of the Youth Diploma roadshow “The youth diploma course has been an unbelievable success for us and something that I am proud to have been a part of. The feedback we have received has been excellent and the numbers that we have attracted proves there is great demand for our methodology across all levels of the game both at home and abroad.

I don’t imagine there are many if any coach education courses out there where you have a volunteer with no formal qualifications or experience learning alongside Pro licence coaches working at Champions League level. This is one of the key strengths of the Coerver® Coaching method in that, with appropriate modifications, we have something to offer coaches working at all levels of the game.

This is just the start of our journey in the UK & Ireland to try to positively change the coaching and playing culture we currently see at Grassroots level and to try to enhance the work that is currently being delivered in professional academies.

To read about Coerver® Coaching’s new Elite development partnership with Premier League™ high flyers Stoke City, click the below link:

So that rounds up the 2011 Youth Diploma course road show in the UK & Ireland.

The Coerver® Coaching Youth Diploma and NEW Advanced Youth Diploma Course will available during Summer 2012, to find out more information and to register your interest, please click this link

Coerver® Coaching would also like to thank:

Our official partner adidas®
Youth Diploma media partner FourFourTwo Performance
Youth Diploma software provider UEFA TACTX

We would like to thank Stirling Albion FC, Birmingham City FC, Bristol Academy of Sport, Fulham FC, Leigh Sports Village, North Dublin School Boy League and the Professional Footballer’s associations of England & Scotland.

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