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Coerver® Coaching Youth Diploma launch at Birmingham City FC – May 2011

The course was attended by over 80 participants from all levels of the game, from grassroots coaches to professional coaches from The Premier League™, Real Madrid CF, Derby County FC, Birmingham City FC & Wolverhampton Wanderers FC.

The purpose of the 2-day course is for attendees to gain knowledge on the Coerver Coaching programme with an emphasis on how to teach the effective use of skills to young players and to give knowledge around effective session planning throughout the season.

The course was deliverd by Coerver Coaching Co-founder Alf Galustian who said, “The main objective of the course was to give coaches something practical that they could take away and use for their season’s sessions. We were really happy with the feedback from the attendees, and look forward to the next Diploma in Bristol.”

First Team Coach of Real Madrid CF, Jose Morais (in the below picture with Coerver Director Scott Wright and Co-Founder Alf Galustian), travelled specifically for the course saying, “these last two days certainly made me a better coach. I have been a fan of Coerver for many years”.

Birmingham City Reserve Team Manager Richard Beale also said of the course, “I thoroughly enjoyed the Coerver Coaching Youth Diploma course, and would recommend that all coaches working with young players should attend”.

There are an additional 4 dates left over the summer on the Coerver® Coaching Youth Diploma in, Bristol, London, Manchester & Dublin.

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Please also read the below from Carl Lander, assistant Head Teacher at St Aubyns school in Essex.

Teaching children is about breaking down a subject into bitsize, challenging chunks.  The teacher then presents the opportunity for them to apply these chunks of knowledge  in a controlled environment.  As they gain in confidence this then leads to its application in the dynamic and unpredictable real world.  These foundations of great teaching have been championed by COERVER who have taken football and created a system by which any child, through hard work and good teaching can master the basic ball skills, that then lead onto their application in skillful play.

Quite rightly we are all born equal.  COERVER have burst the myth of ‘TALENT’ and created a system, oh so familiar to those of us in education.  Now that they have established themselves as a beacon of best practice in football, we can all wonder why on earth it was not done sooner.

Much of our school days were spent on the football pitch, listening to the shouts of our coaches and teachers as they told us WHAT to do.  However, we were left to our own devices to work out the HOW we do it.  How much talent, love of the game & enthusiasm was wasted then.  Fortunately COERVER has the HOW, and none of my students will ever feel frustrated as skills are broken down into Bitsize chunks that can be built up, seeing the player become a capable and  confident part of the team.  The COERVER system  will undoubtedly prove an essential tool, aswe drive our grass roots footballers onwards, alongside our elite players already serving their time at academies.

In the last 2  years St Aubyn’s school (3-13 yrs old) has produced boys and girls that have gone onto play football at the highest level.  These have included the academies at Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, Chelsea, West Ham and Leyton Orient, as well as Barnet, Southend, Grays Athletic and countless borough and county players.   Our greatest achievement so far is Darren Mc Queen who progressed onto Spurs and then England  U17.  We are passionate about our football and the belief that we must develop our players to be the best they can be.  The COERVER system has just made this whole job so much easier.

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